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What do you value as a teacher?

My goal as a teacher for my students is three-fold: to have them build their toolbox of skills to help them in music and beyond, be explorative and think critically about the way music and the world works, and of course, enjoy the process.

How does this play out?

In lessons and ensembles, fundamentals help us to have a strong starting toolbox. From scales and long tones to concepts of musicianship and collaboration, students will be able to expand the way they think by having trusty starter tools like a hammer and a wrench. From there, we can bring out more elaborate tools, like performance and historical practice, to help make the student successful inside and outside of music. Notice that I say "we"; I believe that the teacher and student are both a part of the learning process when teaching is happening, and is a great example of the collaborative art that music is. 

Why do you teach?

I remember my first teacher that really, truly believed in me as a musician and as a human. That moment has stuck with me since the 7th grade. Nothing brings me more joy than participating in the growth of my students as humans and as musicians. Whether a student wants to win the next audition or simply plays for enjoyment, I believe it's important to have a teacher that rallies behind them and pushes them to be better. There is something to be said for the relationships that are built within the music community, and I get excited every time I am presented an opportunity for a new relationship for musical and human growth for myself and my students!

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